Wednesday, January 15, 2014

"In the Kitchen"...... a Black and White Blog Circle

While I love color photos and I often drool over the ones that just seem to have the right amount of color and color scheme, black and white photos are my favorite. To me, black and whites tell the story and capture your attention by eliminating distracting backgrounds or colors and draws you in to the details or emotions captured in the photo. Very recently I was provided the opportunity to participate in a blog circle. A small gathering of photographers, given a theme/prompt for their interpretation to be captured and share at least 5 photos on the 15th of each month. This blog circle is all about Black and White photos! So I am excited for this opportunity and to give it a try. The first theme/prompt given is "In the Kitchen."
 My goal from this day forward is to share photos recently taken. However, I hopped on board to this blog circle only 2 short days ago so in this first post I have also included some older photos. Here is my interpretation of "In the Kitchen."

First and foremost, I thought to myself.... if I am to show you what is "in my kitchen" then I should show you what it looks like.  Well, here it is......pretty simple, functional, nothing fancy and usually not this organized. LOL. There is usually more evidence of life around here because this room is really the heart of this house.

Along with what seems like endless dishes, usually there is always some form of cookware ready to go on the stove top. I have steadily acquired several pieces of antique and new cast iron cookware, which I absolutely love! They are great to cook with and the rustic look and feel to them are just up my alley.

Majority of our everyday family life and interactions occur seated at our kitchen island. 
Oddly, our kitchen table tends to be used more as a collection space for mail, backpacks, toys or as you can see.... a temporary music stand more than it does a dinner table.


 Aside from evening meals together, our kitchen island is a place for spending time with family and enjoying a sweet treat.....

for homework......

for celebrations.......

  for impromptu and unconventional family pictures...

  as well as a spot to quietly capture the makings of a late night snack......

Next you will see that we have a new addition to our family located IN our kitchen.  Despite all the technology, communications, linked and synced electronic calendars, keeping our schedules straight is always a challenge.

 Enter what we call........drum roll please......The Mother Board.


We hope that this "Mother Board" will help keep our busy schedules running smoothly. Yes it is a bit old school, I am always open to simpler old school ways, but it is big.  I mean it is 4 ft x 6 ft IN YOUR FACE BIG! The photo may not do it justice. However, with this thing staring at us in the face day in, day out, on the way in and out of the kitchen, it is bound to keep us on track.  No more excuses! 

There you have it, my interpretation of "In the Kitchen."  Till next time! I am excited to be a part of this group and am eager to see what next month will bring.

You can follow along the blog circle and view more black and white photos and other talented people by visiting Dina Farmer at Blueberries and Bokeh. Check out what is in her kitchen.



  1. I love the impromptu family photo. These are all wonderful and you have a fabulous kitchen. I will soooo be stealing your Motherboard idea (I have a small Calendar but there's no room to write too much detail and my kids can't be involved in that). I'm so glad you have joined our circle and look forward to getting to know you!

  2. The motherboard is an awesome idea and love it's name too!
    Your images are wonderful

  3. I like that you have a motherboard that is a neat idea! LOL I think you did a very good job this month and for sure the kitchen is the heart of a home.


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