Monday, February 17, 2014

"Love"...a Black and White Blog Circle

Fours weeks sure did go by fast! I can not believe it is already time for the February installment of the B&W blog circle.  This month's theme was Love. A very appropriate theme for the month of February I thought. So the goal was to capture Love in Black and White.....ok, not as easy of a task as I thought.  I kept seeing things in "color" vs black and white. Aside from looking for opportunities to photograph people expressing love to each other, I found it challenging.  So I tried to think outside my own box and this is what I came up with. I would LOVE to hear your thoughts.

 I took these photos........

For the love of doing what you enjoy.
Yes, I took a photo very similar to this one before. So why not repeat what you love doing?

For all the "sweet" little reminders of love that are everywhere during this time of the year.

For the love of a good cup of tea in the quiet early morning hours before everyone wakes up. 

For the love of a good piece of chocolate.  Mmmmmmmm.....

For the love of reading and a well written story.

For the love of her own sense of style. <3

For the love of his eyelashes, freckles and his inability to resist giggling and smiling.
 Especially when told not to do so.<3

For the genuine reminders that I am loved. <3

For the love and commitment that these two rings represent.  Thirteen years of marriage and counting.....<3

I hope you enjoyed my interpretation of this months theme and felt the love!  Continue on with this blog circle and view some amazing black and white photography by some pretty talented people. You can do so beginning with Rebecca over at Rebecca Wyatt Photography and see her monthly captures of "Love."  You can find her by clicking HERE.

See you next month!

~ Lisa 


  1. the image of your daughter's eye lashes is so cute and genuine. I love the moody dark processing, wonderful job

  2. Hi Lisa, there were a couple of images I had in mind that you shot and then when I got time to actually shot them lol I would be sick or my son would be sick. You shot them so well and I love all of them.

    1. Dina, I feel that a good piece of dark chocolate help to alleviate all sorts of ailments. ;0).

  3. Thanks girls! The shot of the giggling child is actually my son, my daughter was faceless in this post. LOL. Hopefully soon she will let me post a photo of her own genuine smile.

  4. I love all of your photos!! And your processing is so lovely. But that eyelash shot is just perfection.

  5. Love all your images this week :) The eyelashes WOW!!


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