Friday, November 29, 2013

Freezing with the "H" family.

We were having pretty decent fall temperatures around here until suddenly....DROP! Down they went and just before this family session. SNOW was even forecasted for this day. Let me tell you this family toughed it out. Just so you are aware, the wind was blowing, I was totally bundled and STILL felt cold. These guys were troopers. They ventured out for family photos without their coats, gloves and scarves. Yes, I felt a little guilty that I was all bundled. We tried to work quickly before we all froze and luckily we came away with a few keepers. Brrr, I can still feel that cold air when I think about it. LOL.

 You guessed it, trying to stay warm.




Huddling together helped ease the cold.

 This old building did make for a unique backdrop. I was not sure if they would like it when I originally mentioned it to them, but they were all for it. I am glad they were!

 Isn't he a handsome fella? 

Guess who is sneaking into this picture?

LOL. She was too cute. Loved the haircut!

It amazes me sometimes that in one moment you can see truly see the sweet and cute little girl that she is now....

 And in the next moment, it's almost as if you can catch a glimpse into the future of the true beauty that she will become.

Now we can't forget one very special family member.....

The Family Pet!!

Thank you to the "H" family. I hope you finally warmed up!


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