Wednesday, January 21, 2015


These three little gadgets represent the beginning of a new phase in our lives. Can we say Orthodontia?  That's right, not only have we entered the Tween stage of parenting but we are now in the Tween with "Awr-Thuh-Don-Shuh" stage. Just when we thought we had finally achieved a consistent simple bed time brushing routine......

However this day has brought back many memories.  Memories that were almost forgotten, but fondly remembered today. Memories shared in the hope to answer questions, minimize worries, ease the soreness a bit, and assure her that meal times will consist of more than just soup and smoothies. The orthodontia road ahead will be long and a bit rough. However, in the end, we know that she will come to realize that it will all be worth it for the sake of her health and her teeth! 

Any parents out there with helpful hints on how their kids handled the ups and downs of braces? 

Now to quote a verse from one of my all time favorite movies. 

"Brusha...Brusha....Brusha...Here's the new IPANA. With a brand new flavor - its dandy for your teeth!" 

 Happy Smiles Everyone, 


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  1. Bless it! We have been n that road as well. First child with braces was a mere 7 when he began. We have another headed that way but her situation is pretty complicated, so we are taking the slow road. It gets better.

  2. Oh man, my girl was in braces for three years. I was relieved when the dentist thought my son would grown into his mouth with no braces.


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