Friday, October 25, 2013

The J. Family at the apple orchard

These photos were taken at the local apple orchard on a warm and sunny afternoon. I scouted the area and found a wonderful spot where the trees had HUGE apples. Jackpot!  This section of the orchard was not only quiet with very very few apple pickers (it seems that people do not venture to far from the wagon drop off site) but the trees were loaded with untouched fruit. Just what we needed - little interruption and lots of apples. As for the young couple adjacent to this spot that got there after I left to meet up with the family......Well, their hopes for a quiet afternoon eating apples was totally squashed by me acting goofy, crawling around the grass and being very loud to provide direction from a distance. I am sorry, but hey... I did see the spot first. LOL.

It was a fun time with the J. Family in the orchard and I came home with a big bag of delicious apples! 


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