Sunday, October 27, 2013

Caitlin & Todd Wedding 10/05/2013

In the past I have been asked "Will you ever photograph weddings?" My answer (mostly due to the fear of such a task) would be "never." However, this past month I was given an extraordinary opportunity by a wonderful young couple to assist to photograph a wedding for the very first time. An opportunity to take part in their special day and give it a try.....under no pressure. Does that ever happen??? Not to me. This was a once in "my" lifetime opportunity that was given to me.....and well...I took it. This month I once again learned to never say never. Was I nervous? Heck ya!! Shaking in my boots quite literally! However, surrounded by wonderful and encouraging people I was safely tucked under the wings of the very talented Casey of Casey Clark Photography (who has won local and national contests by the way) and I gave it a try. The verdict? I had a blast and I learned a ton!! Despite my shaky hands and very shaky knees I think I was able to capture some moments for them to remember of their very special wedding day.  I hope you enjoy the photos. A very heartfelt thank you to Caitlin and Todd for this golden opportunity. An enormous thank you to Casey, not only a very talented photographer but a wonderful teacher and fellow P.T. and someone I also call a friend. Be sure to check out his FB page at Clark Photography and his website at Casey Clark Photography HERE.

Grandma's ring........Love it.

 Ok, someone please promise me that they will get a shot of this child doing the exact same thing in 20 or so years....but getting ready at her own wedding!!

He did not look a bit nervous.

 Can you just say that the flower girls were cutie patooties??


 On her way.....

 And there they go!  "Goin' to the chapel...."

As I was heading to the church to get ready and wait for the bride to arrive, I thought, "wouldn't it be fun if I could get a photo of her and her family on their way to the church?" That's because I knew they were going to be riding in a golf cart.  So I turned back and waited for them to come around the bend. I was thrilled that I was able to get a picture of them riding off to the church.
But notice, they are using a golf cart to get there. golf cart.
Suddenly, they were ahead of me. On their way.......ahead of me.
"Run Forrest!!!!!!"  Glad I wore flats. LOL.


 The timing of the fall foliage was perfect. 

 As you can see, happiness was everywhere that day.


Congrats to Caitlin and Todd!!   Along with you, I will forever remember this day.


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